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About JSON validator Editor

JSON is a validator and reformatter for JSON, a lightweight data-interchange format.

Copy and paste a URL in the editor above and let the JSON validator tidy and validate your messy JSON code.


What Is JSON?

JSON, pronounced as Jason, is a human-readable and compact solution to represent a complex data structure and facilitate data interchange between systems.JSON is a widespread data format, and it enables various applications that make it useful for both developers and non-technical users. So, it's a common means of communicating data between multiple systems and networks. 

Why Use JSON?

There are several reasons you should consider using JSON instead of JavaScript, the essential being that JSON is independent of your system's programming language. Despite being derived from JavaScript, JSON isn't dependent on it.

A JSON is language-independent and represents data that talks to a common element of many programming languages, which means it's language-neutral. This makes it universally understandable by all systems, enabling data exchange across various programming languages and platforms.

What can you do with JSON Validator?

  • It helps to validate your JSON data.
  • It also performs as JSON Checker or JSON syntax validator.
  • This tool allows loading the JSON URL to validate. Use your JSON REST URL to validate. Click on the Load URL button, Enter URL and Submit.
  • You can also correct or fix JSON Files by uploading the file. You can improve their JSON file by resolving errors one by one.
  • It helps to find invalid JSON characters.
  • It helps to save validated JSON and Share it on social network websites or by email.
  • JSON Validator works on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
  • JSON Linter enables a developer who works with JSON data to experiment and validate.

Why Use JSON validator Validator?

The programming challenges are enormous, but they are nothing compared to the attention required and the excellent knowledge of the programming language you need to write compelling and efficient code.

Writing code is a tricky business; sometimes, finding an error in JSON code can be time-consuming and challenging.

The best way to save time while correcting errors is to use an online tool, such as JSON validator.

JSON validator checks your JSON code for errors, identifies line numbers where you might have errors, and allows you to fix them.

An excellent way to correct errors without wasting hours finding a missing comma inside your code.

How Does A JSON validator Validator Work?

If your JSON validator looks a bit rusty, here are the basics: use the online editor, validate your JSON code, and format your code to make it more readable.

It validates your JSON content according to JavaScript standards, informing you of every human-made error and error that could happen for many reasons.

There are a lot of reasons to use a JSON validator. It helps you detect syntax errors and data inconsistencies, but it also provides detailed analysis on how to avoid any mistakes you might make

How do I check if a JSON file is valid?

  1. Open the JSON Validator tool and Copy and Paste JSON into Input Text Editor.
  2. If you have a JSON file, you can upload the file using the Upload file button. You can even upload JSON with an URL. Click on the URL Button and Paste the link.
  3. Now click on Validate JSON button once JSON data is available in Text Editor, via Paste, File, or webpage link.
  4. JSON Validator will show the errors with line digits if any with amazing facts exist.

Different Results

If you use a Windows computer, you might get different results than a Mac or Linux computer. The way Windows handles new lines may cause the issue.

You can't put an infinite number of \r's or \n's into JSON and make it valid. JSON validator will report an error if you enter more than one newline.

To achieve the best search results possible, you need to use direct URL input and ensure your content's newlines match the expected architecture. 




This is a validator for JSON code that can be used online to check if your JSON code is valid or not.

You can validate your JSON file by uploading it to this online JSON validator. The tool can check the validity of a JSON file in a matter of seconds. 

This free online tool is completely safe to use and there’s no need to worry about your file’s security or paying a penny for using this online JSON validator.

Yes! You don't need to install any specific software for using this tool. Just open your web browser and click on the link.

No! This is a web-based application, so you can use it whether you are online or offline. To access and use the tool, you need an internet connection on your device.

Signing up or logging in isn’t a requirement to use this tool. Save your JSON data without going through the hassle of the registration process.


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