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What is an HTML minifier?

Online HTML Minifier minimizes HTML code and helps reduce HTML file size. It is essential to minimize the HTML code to speed up your website. 

Online HTML Minifier removes any white spaces, comments, newlines, comments, etc. Online HTML Minifier also rewrites the CSS and Javascript between script and style tags. The minified can be turned on and off using the button for options. 

The minifier also can change all absolute URLs into relative URLs. Type the complete site URL in the options section and select "Minify URLs."

Why Minify HTML?

The primary goal of this exercise is to reduce the number of spaces, rename variables, and remove comments.

Though developers make the code and markup more readable for others, they should make the code and markup more readable for themselves.

If it were the adverse effect, I’d put it up to one hundred percent, but I don’t see that as a problem.

When files are minified, comments, extra spaces, and variable names are removed. The file is compressed, so it's much smaller and easier to upload to Amazon Web Services.

There are two drawbacks to this process. The first is that the minified file is not readable. The second is that if you use a minifier like uglifyJS, you need to use a build tool like webpack or browserify to make it work in a browser.

You need to keep both versions of the file because it will be a problem if there are only the original or duplicate files.

Designers and developers can work on the human-readable file, whereas the other version is used to deploy to the server. The file size can be reduced to 60 percent.

What’s the Difference Between Minification vs. Compression?

Minification removes unnecessary characters and spaces from the JavaScript or CSS file, resulting in a smaller and more optimized

Compressing (GZIP) the code makes it smaller, so it takes less space and is faster to

For example, when compressing a file that contains the HTML tags

and <{, the

GZIP doesn’t display all occurrences because it discovers a repeating block of text or characters; it won’t display all events. 

How to minify HTML In Wordpress?

1 The Fast Velocity Minify plugin.

Over 20,000 people have rated this plugin as one of the more popular choices available for minifying files.

Once you've installed the Fast Velocity Minify plugin, activate it by going to Settings > Fast Velocity Minify.

All of the options are displayed when you're creating the first instance of the plugin. You'll see information about each option and how they affect your page load.

While it's true that the default settings are easy to use and do an excellent job of keeping track of visitor behavior, some advanced features are available in the Enterprise Edition if your site gets a lot of traffic.

The plugin performs minification in real-time on the front-end and only during the first uncached request.

For example, if the page to which you're linking is the "About" page, and it doesn't need CSS or JavaScript, any subsequent requests for "About" will use

2 Autoptimize

The Autoptimize plugin.

The Autoptimize Minifier has more than 400,000 active installs and is one of the most popular minification tools available.

Autoptimize is known for its web-based application, WordPress. It is built in PHP, MySQL, and HTML 5. It is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world.

There are many advanced options for developers and an extensive API available for them to use to build sites that match their customers’ exact requirements.

3 The CSS Minifier plugin.

Minifying your CSS with this plugin couldn't be any easier-just install, activate, and go to Settings > CSS Minify > Optimize and minify CSS code.

The code for this plugin is forked from the Autoptimize plugin.

There’s a plugin for WordPress that helps you minimize your JavaScript code. Peter Pfeiffer also provides a similar plugin for Minify JavaScript.

4 The JCH Optimize plugin.

JCH Optimize has a lot of nice features, but it has one killer feature that makes it worth checking out - it combines and minifies CSS and JavaScript, which is a great way to reduce your website’s load time.

There are several paid versions, starting with the basic plan, which is free and includes basic features such as asynchronous JavaScript and CSS, optimized CSS delivery, support for multiple domains, and CDN and cookie-free domains. and lazy loading and optimization for images.

5 The Merge + Minify + Refresh plugin.

With this plugin, you can combine your CSS and JavaScript files and then use Minify and Google Closure to generate the smallest possible files.

Minification involves the removal of whitespace and unnecessary markup from the source code, which makes your web pages load more quickly.

When you change the contents of your CSS or JS files, they are processed so there’s no need to clear your cache.

The MultiSite Users plugin works very well on networks.

About tooliyo HTML minifier

This tool makes it easy for website owners and web admins who aren't comfortable using command-line interfaces or setting out pipelines.

  • This website minifies the HTML code of any page you visit, allowing you to see and download your page content faster and without worry.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the most fundamental programming languages web designers, and developers use.
  • It’s been around for a long time, and many people are still using it.
  • HTML is one of the main languages used in developing many websites.
  • It is so good that it is one of the central pillars of the World Wide Web.

When a programming language becomes very popular, it means it's used extensively, which is why it would be good to know the different programming languages and what they

And as applied at such a massive level, people would be likely to search for ways to help improve the user experience.

One of these approaches is HTML minification with tools like Minifier HTML by


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