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How to case convert online 

  1. Copy the text you want to convert from the word processor you are using.
  2. Once you have the text copied, open
  3. Paste the text you copied into the text area provided on the screen:
  4. Click on the “Sentence case” button.
  5. You should have your output in a few seconds:


Video guide on how to case convert online

A handy online text tool that can switch between lower or uppercase lettering which allows you to change the capitalization, font size, and even convert to mix case, or alter your text. Check out your options further below.

 Sentence Case

 The sentence case converter allows users to insert any text they want, and then it will convert it into an entire sentence structure.

 It does this by capitalizing the first letter of each sentence. It the next step is to convert the remainder of the text to lower case and also convert I'm to I's. Each letter that follows a full stop will be transformed into an uppercase letter.

 It won't however make names or locations capitalized.

  1.  It is an instance of a sentence case.

 Lower Case

 If you're thinking of ways to make text uncapitalized and this is precisely what the lower-case text converter can do. It transforms every letter in your text into lowercase. Copy the text you're looking to create to lower case, then paste it to the text box. Then choose the lower case tab.

  • This is an example of the lower case.

Upper Case

 The upper case converter will read any text in your possession and transform all letters into uppercase. It will basically transform every lower case letter cap (as well as keep the uppercase letters in upper letters).

To do this, must simply select the text that needs to be changed and then paste it into the box above, and then choose the tab for UPPER CASE.


Capitalized Case

This capitalized-case converter converts the first letter of each word to an upper case letter and leaves the other letters in lower case.

 Simply copy the information you would like to create in this format, and then paste it into the box above, and then select the Capitalized Case tab.

  • This Is An Example Of Capitalized Case.

case converter

The benefits of using Tooliyo the case converter

A lot of word editing programs don't have an option to convert cases. The positive side is that you can use our free tool to resolve potential capitalization issues.

Not sure which tool to use? text converter? Here are some benefits:

  • In the event of text case errors, avoid fixing the error by cutting and pasting the content which needs to be converted into the tool for text conversion.

  • Make text-based phrases more readable by using the "All First Letter Big" and "All First Letter Big" options.

  • Eliminate incorrect capitalizations using the "Normal Text" "Normal Text" option.

  • The text will instantly change to uppercase using the cap converter option: "ALL CAPITALIZED".

  • Convert your lowercase letters instantly using the "all simplified" option.

  • Get rid of formatting errors by automatic conversion of your document into simple text.

  • Free to use
  • Registration is not required
  • Available in 10 international languages
  • 100% secure and fast
  • Use from laptop or mobile phone

This tool is available in 7 more languages


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