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What is a URL, Slug?

URL slug refers to the portion at the end of the URL. It is the address of a particular page on your website. In other words, it is a transliteration from the URL words. Your slugs should be concise and descriptive (1-5 words) to make your page content more understandable for users and improve your SEO.

How to convert tex to slug online?

With these three easy steps, you can convert text to slug online

Step 1 Click on the text to slug link

text to slug online

Step 2 Paste your text in the box.

text to slug convert

Step 3 your Slugs are ready to use, copy and use anywhere. 

text to slug

What is the importance of URLs for SEO?

Both search engines and website users can use a URL to help them understand the content on a page.

URLs must be clear and straightforward to understand, as we often share links on social media.

Make the link simple to understand to increase click-throughs to your site pages.

Note: You should also optimize your page title, meta description, and URL.

Google offers some helpful information regarding URLs in the Google SEO starter manual.

What are the best SEO-friendly URL practices?

It is best to include keyword phrases in your URLs.

You can target specific keywords on each page of your website.

Here is an example of a non-friendly URL: https://www.top20remedies.com/service1

Here is an example of an SEO friendly URL: https://www.top20remedies.com/website-design

Do I need to use lowercase characters for URLs?

URLs can contain both uppercase and lowercase characters.
If possible, I recommend using lowercase characters for URLs.

Sometimes web servers can distinguish between URLs that are uppercase or lowercase, which results in a 404 error.
Because they are easier for web browsers to type, lowercase URLs are more user-friendly.
URLs that allow word separation is often written in lowercase letters.

Slug Examples

Web Page Title SEO-friendly URL Slug
Powerful space laser detected by African telescope powerful-space-laser-detected-by-African-telescope
Is herd immunity for Covid-19 still possible? is-herd-immunity-for-covid-19-still-possible
Why an Indian state is demolishing Muslim homes why-an-Indian-state-is-demolishing-Muslim-homes
What is a slug, and how to optimize it? what-is-a-slug-and-how-to-optimize-it
Bitcoin soars past $33,000, its highest ever bitcoin-soars-past-dollar33000-its-highest-ever

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Frequently Asked Questions About Text to slug


Yes, there is a list that includes special characters that are substituted by text. E.g. the word "$" will replace by dollar, and % will be replaced with percent. If you're interested in the entire list of symbols that are replaced with text, we can be reached via message.

About Tooliyo Text to Slug

This online free tool makes it easy for web developers and webmasters who aren't comfortable using command-line interfaces or setting out pipelines. This tool converts text to SLUG of any URL that you visit.

We're removing the characters _ and !$"#$%&'()*+,.\/: <=>? @[\]^_ *`~ out of the content that is replaced by an empty string within the "slug. E.g. If the input text is "What is slugify?" the result is "what-is-slugify" where the question mark is removed.

You can slugify unlimited there is no limit.

All of Our tools are all 100% free to use.


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