HTML Beautifier

HTML Beautifier

Why do we minify HTML?

Minification refers to the procedure of eliminating any characters that are not needed in order to compress or reduce HTML code to reduce the size of the HTML files size.

HTML minifier is one of the SEO tools that will help improve the speed of your website (SEO factors). Reducing the time it takes to load websites improves conversion. Search engines penalize websites that take too long to load.

This application utilizes the HTML minifier library.

Why is it important to beautify HTML?

You can make use of the online HTML Beautifier to improve the readability of your HTML code more understandable!

We have our own HTML Formatter Tool has numerous wonderful capabilities:

  • Enhance Code with a one click
  • Copy the entire formatted code in a Click
  • Works without Internet (Need First Time internet)
  • All formatting is made within the browser.
  • When Formatting, it does not use up resources on the device
  • Works with Maximum Browser (Chrome Highly Recommended)

Follow the steps below to beautify HTML Code:

  1. Start by opening this tool in your browser (Chrome recommended)
  2. Eliminate Demo Code and copy your HTML Code
  3. Now press The Format Button and Wait
  4. Click on the Copy Button to Format the HTML Code

FAQs about HTML Beautifier

No, You don't need to install any app or extension. Just Paste the HTML Code and click Format Button.

Yes, This tool is 100% safe, we do not store any data from HTML Formatter

Yes, This Entire Tool is Progressive Web App, From any browser you can easily access this tool.


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