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About YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

The thumbnail for the video associated with the video on platforms such as YouTube is the visual representation of the video. It could be a significant factor in the decision of a viewer to click on it.

Often, you'll require the thumbnail of the video for various reasons, such as creating an image collage using different video thumbnails to start a blog post, creating the cover image for your YouTube channel by using other thumbnails of videos, including it for an online social media post when it's not made automatically and so on. 

In any event, it's essential to use a tool that lets you quickly download the thumbnail to your device. This YouTube Thumbnail Downloader can do precisely this. It enables you to create thumbnails for the latest YouTube film and save it within two minutes.

Step 1: Copy the Video URL

To access the thumbnail, open YouTube and then copy its URL into your browser's address bar. When you're on YouTube mobile, open the YouTube application for mobile, click the Share button and copy the URL into your clipboard.

Step 2: Add the URL

Copy the URL into the appropriate field of our thumbnail downloader, and you'll get the thumbnail displayed in the left-hand side window.

Step 3: Download the Thumbnail


How many thumbnails can a YouTube video contain?

A YouTube video can have nine thumbnails, but not every video has nine thumbnails. There are seven thumbnails guaranteed to exist:

  • Player Background 480x360
  • Start 120x90
  • Middle 120x90
  • End 120x90
  • High-Quality 480x360
  • Medium Quality 320x180
  • Normal Quality 120x90

In addition, if the video is high-definition, it will be two different sizes for the thumbnail.

  • Standard Definition 640x480
  • Maximum Resolution 1920x1080

However, the most popular sizes are Medium Quality, High Quality, Full Size, and High-Quality. So, the Youtube thumbnail downloader offers downloads for the three sizes mentioned above. If you're looking for other measures, I'll inform you how to obtain them in the future.

Why should you download thumbnails?

YouTube video thumbnails are one of the essential metadata, and attentive creators will carefully design the video cover. That has resulted in most of the video covers on YouTube being beautiful, either funny or creative. It makes many people want to download and save. In general, based on the following purposes:

  1. Save YouTube thumbnails to wallpaper.
  2. Upload thumbnails to your blog or on social media.
  3. Download video thumbnails to be an inspiration source to cover your video.

All you have to do is click"download" and download the file onto your gadget.

That's it. You now have the thumbnail of your video and can use it anyplace. However, specific images might be protected by copyright, so be sure to ensure this is addressed before using the image in public. 

You may need to request the author's permission or provide an attribution, etc. Enjoy!

Is your website have any apps?

We don't currently have an app. However, we are currently developing an Andriod as well as an iOS application. And in the near future, we will post the link to our app on our web page.


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