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The experts at the PayPal Fee Calculator have developed a remarkable PayPal Fee Calculator that helps to calculate the exact fees that PayPal charges on every single transaction.

This calculator is an advanced feature that helps PayPal customers understand how to deduct tax in the process of sending and receiving money via the service.

This PayPal calculator will tell you how much money you are going to receive when someone sends you (X amount of money) and how much money (money) you have to send them to make them get the exact amount.

A fast, simple, and easy-to-use PayPal Invoice Fee Calculator that calculates the deductions while you sending or receiving (X amount of money) via PayPal.


PayPal Fee Calculator takes away the complexities of paying individual fees and payments.

It helps you avoid making mistakes in the calculations you need to do quickly, and it also saves time. You can still use PayPal, but you'll have to pay the fees. PayPal fee calculator can prove to be a useful tool for you, as you have many transactions in a day.

PayPal is a popular online payment service. You can use this calculator to quickly figure out how much their processing fees are when you receive money through their service.

The amounts are calculated based on the US PayPal fees of 3. 49% + $0. 49 per transaction.

The standard rate for receiving domestic transactions with PayPal

PayPal’s fees are dependent on whether the transaction is considered domestic or international, as well as whether the transaction happens online or in your physical store.

Domestic payments. The person sending the money and the person receiving the money both have PayPal accounts registered within the US.

International payments. The person sending money (your buyer) has a PayPal account based outside the United States. This fee includes a 1. 5% International transaction fee.

PayPal fees can differ depending on whether you're selling to an individual or a business, and

Please visit PayPal's official website for additional information.

The standard rate for receiving domestic transactions with PayPal

Within the United States

  • a fee of 2. 9% of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee based on the currency
  • Outside of the United States.
  • a fee of 4. 4% of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee based on the currency.

Sending Money:

Sending money from your PayPal balance is completely free. PayPal often charges a fee to cover transaction processing, this may be up to 3% of the total transaction value.

When an individual sends money from the U. S, it will cost 2. 9% plus $0. 30 USD of the amount she/he is sending.

Let's find out the next type of PayPal fee!

Receiving Money:

Remember, when you’re an individual, and you receive money, then you’ll not be charged PayPal fees for receiving money.

Whether this person will charge you depends on the kind of transaction you are doing.

It all depends on whether or not you use your personal credit card or your Paypal account for transactions.

Receiving, you should beware of PayPal's international fees. Keep in mind, that when you receive the amount from outside the U.S. It's a 1% charge of the total amount you're sending through PayPal.

Now, let's take a look at the PayPal transaction fees.

PayPal Fees (For Purchase Payments of Goods and Services):

When a person uses his or her PayPal balance for purchasing products and services there are no PayPal processing fees, which can take as much as 1% from

However, if you sell products on eBay and your account is linked up with PayPal, PayPal’s transaction fee will be applied.

As mentioned above, the fee charges 2. 9% plus $ 0.30 USD of the amount you're sending. The amount of money an individual pays when he or she pays by bank transfer depends upon which country they're in.

What about the Friends and Family Fee for Paypal?

If the sender chooses the Friends and Family option upon sending the payment, there is no PayPal transfer fee charged (for both the sender and the receiver).

You can create a new PayPal account but you will not have any payment protection for your transactions. If both parties are agreeable with this method, then it may be the best way to save money on PayPal friends and family fees.


There is no cost for sending payments using your friends and family account if you use the method, but there is a small charge for every payment sent using a debit or credit card.

You can use the above PayPal fee calculator to know how much are PayPal fees when you made payments with a debit or credit card.

What about PayPal’s Goods and Services Fee?

If an amount is sent through the Goods and Services method, then the standard USD $0. 30 plus 2. 9% (PayPal Goods and Services fee) is applied to the seller. It is the payment type that can be taken into consideration when an individual selling a product/service to someone.

If you are also using this option for shipping or receiving goods, then you can use the PayPal goods and services fee calculator.

If you'd like, you can also visit the official website of PayPal to learn more about the services and benefits of PayPal transactions.

Does PayPal cost money?

If you don't pay with a credit card, it is mostly free to use PayPal. Even, it is free to create a PayPal account if you don't use it often.

Be aware that you can never be charged for a purchase in the same currency as that of the seller, but only occasionally when there is an exchange rate to be taken into consideration.

If an individual incurs PayPal seller fees, he/she will be required to pay for them using his/her own funds. PayPal's fees vary and depend on whether you want to accept credit card payments via PayPal Here Chip and PIN/contactless payments reader.

You can use the PayPal seller fee calculator to estimate your fees and see whether or not you're spending too much money on fees.

PayPal’s fee for currency conversion

You may pay a fee for currency conversion if your customers are based overseas, and the currency used for the transaction is different to the currency that your PayPal account uses.

The charge to convert your money back to dollars is % 3.00 of the transaction value.

PayPal Fee Calculator FAQs

How should I use the PayPal Fee Calculator?

When you know how much you'll get paid, enter the figure into the PayPal fee calculator to determine the online payment processing fee amount. Once you have inserted the amount that you are willing to charge, our PayPal calculator will show you what your PayPal rate should be.

This will allow you to bill your client for the exact amount they have already agreed to pay for your product or service. Our paypal fee calculator does the complicated calculations for you. Just enter how much you want to be paid, and our calculator will take care of the rest.

How do you calculate the “You should ask for” amount?

We take your original invoice total and add in the PayPal processing fee (3. 49% + $0. 49 per transaction). If you choose for your client to cover the cost of this processing fee, this number reflects the total amount you should invoice. Once you have the You should ask for a value, this is how much you will charge the client.

You may notice that the value given out is more than how much PayPal charges in the original instance. The reason for this is that when you add the processing fees charged from the original calculation, you will also have to add processing fees for any additional items added.

You will have to add on a bit more than the processing fee from the original amount. Our calculator covers the additional calculation needed to cover all processing fees, so you can charge your standard rate and not have any issues.

Do you have any other calculators I can use?

Yes! An online PayPal invoice calculator is an easy-to-use tool that helps freelance designers and programmers get the information they need quickly.

We've built three calculators for your convenience that let you check the accuracy of your time entries, see when you've worked enough hours in a month

To increase your efficiency by making your calculations quicker, easier, and more accurate, these calculators are an absolute must-have.

It's not just a case of giving you more time to carry out work, it's also a matter of removing any margin of error.

Our calculators help you run your business efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about mistakes costing you money. There’s nothing bad about it, right?


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