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SRT to VTT Converter Online

SRT to VTT online

How to convert SRT into VTT?

1. Upload your SRT (.srt) file.

Select the subtitle file you would like to convert to VTT.

2. Select "WebVTT (.vtt)".

You can also choose any other format you like.

3. Convert.

Select "Convert to VTT," and your file will be converted.

4. You can download Your VTT file.

It could take some time until it is ready. The VTT file is finished.


Video guide

What is an SRT file?

SubRip subtitle file format SubRip subtitle formats (.srt) are widely used. It is a user-friendly file format in which subtitles are sequentially stored together with the timing information.

What is a VTT file?

It is a WebVTT subtitle format (.vtt) that many users support. It is a user-friendly file format in which subtitles are saved in sequence along with timing information. Most subtitles via the Internet are encoded in this format.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can convert SRT subtitles files to VTT quickly and easily. Upload the SRT file and save it as VTT with Tooliyo's free online tool.

1. Go to, select SRT to VTT convert, and Upload SRT (. srt) file. 2. Click on the Convert button 3. Wait for a few seconds. 4. You can download Your VTT file. It'll take a few minutes before you know the VTT file is finished. 

You can use video software to add subtitles to a video. Many are available on the Internet.

Web Video Text Tracks Format (WebVTT) is a format used to display timed texts (such as captions, subtitles, or subtitles) with the help of the element. The primary purpose of WebVTT is to provide text overlays. WebVTT is a text-based format that is encoded with UTF-8.

Create a new document in TextEdit. Enter the number 1 to indicate the start of the caption sequence. Enter the beginning and ending timecode using the following format: hours:minutes: seconds, milliseconds - -> hours:minutes: seconds, milliseconds.

You can edit and open a VTT file with any editor for text, like Microsoft Notepad (Windows), Apple TextEdit (Mac), or GitHub Atom (cross-platform). You can also look at the VTT file's contents using dragging VTT files into any internet browser.

SRT cannot support metadata. Options for formatting. WebVTT offers a variety of features, including text, font color, design, and placement. Initially, SRT did not support any formatting; However, it's been improved to include simple text formatting (bold italic, bold, underline) and placement.

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