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What is a javascript obfuscator?

This tool transforms your initial JavaScript sources into a new representation that's more difficult to comprehend and copy, re-use, and alter without permission. The obfuscated result will have identical functionality to your original JavaScript code.

Why do we need these?

Real-Time Scenario: If there are code sources, such as satellite-related, Indian army, Indian navy, patent technical content, etc. These types of sources are considered to be confidential. Therefore, we need to store them in encoded form. Therefore, using JavaScript, we can get it encrypted using the obfuscator idea.

What do you think you can do using the JS Obfuscator?

It assists in obfuscating and compressing your JS data that is difficult to decode, read, decrypt, or deobfuscator.
This tool lets you load the Javascript URL into Encode Hexadecimal. Click on the URL, type in the URL, and then Submit.
Users can also use the Obfuscator JS File by uploading the file.

Obfuscator JS Online works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Example file

JavaScript Obfuscator

Why Use The Online JavaScript & jQuery Obfuscator Tool?

It's as simple as that; JavaScript is a browser-interpreted language, which means it must be accessible to web browsers. Unfortunately, this means it's also accessible to any dick, tom, and harries who would like to view your code and possibly be able to steal it. One method to secure the code you write is to hide it using the base 32 and 64 algorithms to encode it, rendering it inaccessible.

  1. Online obfuscates Js to secure your code, making it unreadable.
  2. The online jQuery obfuscator is an algorithm that is also compatible with jQuery!
  3. Online jQuery Obfuscate converts to bookmarks for simple execution of scripts.
  4. Online js obfuscator for converting different languages, such as Mootools, DOJO, YUI, and more.
  5. Web-based browsers obfuscate compact Js and can reduce file size and speed up page loading.

How Does Obfuscator Tool Work?

  • substitutes symbol names for non-meaningful symbols with meaningless ones (e.g., hello_moto is converted to 1cd5dg4g1gf)
  • Replaces numeric constants with phrases (e.g., the expression 232 is changed to the format 0x29b9+2011-0x2d25)
  • Replaces strings' characters with the escapes using hex (e.g., strings "noob" will be converted to "`vcD."
  • Removes all comments (if chosen or otherwise obscures words)
  • Eliminates tabs, spaces, and blank lines from the code. It removes tabs, areas, and blank lines.
  • connects all code lines to bring all the code lines
  • to encode the earlier stages by using modern algorithms

If you're keen on learning the basics of jQuery, you should check out some of the no-cost plugins for jQuery to start your journey. They're categorized to help you find the plugin you're looking for in minutes!

Is a Javascript obfuscator necessary?

The takeaway is that we should be careful when accessing email and visiting websites.

Two-layer defenses such as a front line with a single point of contact with the ball and a back line are no longer feasible when trying to keep a team from scoring points.

You can't minimize the attack surface of new threats such as this JavaScript phishing attack by installing antivirus software or cybersecurity training.

These JavaScript attacks are so dangerous that it is unsafe to click on any elements that appear in the body of the email.

If you doubt the source, legitimacy, or safety of a link or attachment, it is safer to delete it than to click it.

Disadvantages of obfuscating JS

  • Although the output JavaScript is harder to read, it doesn't mean it's impossible.
  • If a person invests the same amount of time, dedication, and knowledge in reading it, in the end, he will.
  • The speed of your code may be affected if you are using a high obfuscation level.
  • The size of your code may also increase, which may affect the load time of your webpage.
  • While usually, you use GZIP to compress your files, as a big part of the code is repeated in them, it could be well compressed.
    JavaScript Obfuscation

With JavaScript Obfuscator, your JavaScript code becomes difficult to understand, thus making it impossible for anyone to steal and alter it.

Minification and Compression

The reduced size of JavaScript files improves their efficiency, aiding applications to load faster while reducing the bandwidth used.

Leading Protection

The most well-known JavaScript encoder and obfuscation software available.

100% Secure

Always keep in mind the operational characteristics of the code, as well as reduce the overall footprint.

A Powerful Locking

Secure your code by your IP address, domain name, and more. Create trial versions using time limits and other options.

Great GUI

It runs with a GUI interface that lets you protect a whole project in just a few clicks.

There are more different online tools to obfuscate our JavaScript code.

Some of them are given below:


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