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The Frequency Conversion Calculator is an online tool that will help you convert frequencies between different hertz ranges. It calculates the number of times you can turn a device per second. Herz is the SI unit used to measure the frequency range.

This calculator supports various hertz unit ranges from millihertz, hertz, Kilohertz, Megahertz, Gigahertz, and Terahertz. To calculate the frequency in different ranges, select the input frequency hertz range from the list and enter your input value will give you the result in various above-mentioned hertz ranges. The frequency range of alternating current (AC) power is commonly divided into two ranges: low frequency and high frequency.

You can calculate RPM, revolution, and radian per second by using this calculator. You can use this ratio to convert frequency from one range to another. It's used in the next three sections of this guide to convert between different types of frequency ranges.

1000 milliherz = 1 Herz
1000 Hertz     = 1 KiloHertz
1000 Kilohertz = 1 MegaHertz
1000 MegaHertz = 1 GigaHertz
1000 GigaHertz = 1 TeraHertz
100 Herz       = 6000 RPM
100 Herz       = 100 Revolution per second
100 Herz       = 628.57 Radians per second

What do you mean by frequency?

A typical question would be, how many times did that event happen in a certain period. In other words, we are referring to the frequency.

In simple words, frequency is defined as the number of occurrences of a particular event for a given amount of time.

In physics, frequency is the number of waves that pass a fixed point in a unit of time. The number of vibrations or cycles undergone in a given unit of time.

The formula to measure the frequency is f = 1/T where

  • f = frequency (the Greek letters nu (ν) and omega (ω) are also used to represent the frequency at certain points)
  • T = time-period

So if the object completes its one cycle or the vibration within half a second, its frequency would be 2 per second.

And if it completes 100 cycles within a second, then it would be one cycle per second.

Why do we need to calculate the frequency?

Everything in the universe is connected, from the earth to the stars. Thoughts with positive energy have a different frequency than those with negative energy.

The frequency of the alternative current in India is 50 Hertz. It varies from country to country, so the electronic products manufactured in India should be made by taking into account the frequency of AC.

It’s also 60Hz in some countries, so it's essential that the electronic products are manufactured following that frequency.

The sound is transmitted by the vibrations of an object. It moves back and forth during vibration, and it pushes the air in waves. The higher the frequency is, the higher the pitch is.

High pitched sounds have a higher frequency than low pitched sounds.


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