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Imagine that you're beginning the programming for the project. From the beginning you will be able to write the code in the proper format. But if you already minified the CSS code, you can do it manually, re-writing the code, or use the online CSS formatter/beautifier tools for that purpose.It is always better to use some online tools to beautify/format/un-minify the code because it gives you the desired results within no time.

How can I beautify/format the CSS code making use of the web-based CSS formatter and beautifier tool?

You can improve the appearance or formatting of your CSS code by following the steps below.

  • You can either copy-paste or paste the CSS code or load it via your URL or choose Browse to download it.
  • Click on the option button. Add or subtract options, according to your needs.
  • The code that is generated will be displayed on"Result" section "Result" Section.
  • Copy the code below and paste it into the location you prefer.

How can I utilize the load sample option in the CSS Beautytifier/Formatter Tool?


Coding is vital. One mistake can lead to disastrous results.
This loading sample of dataoption can be extremely useful for this purpose, as it allows you to examine what results the formatter/beautifier can provide.
To that end,

  • Select the "load samples of details" button.
  • The sample data will be displayed on the upper section.
  • Click"Options". Click on the "Options" click. Choose the option from the dropdown list, in accordance with your preferences.
  • The results will be visible within the "Result" section.

What does formatting in code is?


When writing code, the programmer will generally make it as efficient as possible quality.

  • Format the code correctly by adding space breaks, line breaks.
  • Comment on the post to provide a hint so that later on, it will help others in the future.

The inclusion of these elements are considered to be extras for computers and search engines. These extra elements take up space within the code file, and also increase its size. The larger the file size the bigger it is, the greater bandwidth it uses.

The reason why formatting the code is important?

Most people ask, is formatting of code necessary?
The way you format the code is very vital. It appears to be an organized structure when one examines the code. It is attractive and appealing to comprehend for the person reading it. Even if you're an experienced programmers and you don't format your code, your job could be in danger.

What are the advantages in formatting your code?


The format of the code will help you to

  • Simple to communicate your intention for the readers.
  • It is easy to read.
  • Quick readability.
  • Structured structure to aid navigation.
  • Provides clear readability.

SEO and current market trends

Over time, SEO is continuously evolving. It is a constant process of improvement. Google standards are considered to be an industry standard. Being ranked higher in Google ensures you a higher standing in the different search engines. But getting a higher ranking from Google isn't an easy job. It's a well-known advice to always produce contents, and develop websites with in mind your primary users, as for Google the user experience is important.
Google currently considers nearly 200 SEO factors when ranking. One of the factors that influence the user experience is the speed of the page.
Minimization is considered to be one of the most important elements that decrease the file size, by removing the other elements, in order in order to make the file smaller. The smaller size of the file implies less burden on the server and a more speedy page loading and better accessibility.

Do you keep an exact copy of your CSS code?

Our goal is to protect the trust of users is our main concern. We do not store any copy of CSS code that the user uploads to us for to be used in the process of formatting.
Note: The term beautifies/format/un-minify the code, uses in the same sense.


Does it perform exactly like other formatters or optimizers that are already available?

Styleneat was designed from scratch and organizes the CSS in a more efficient way.

Will it break my layout?

Absolutely no! We've tested it on a variety of websites that have huge and complicated stylesheets, and it has never failed us. If you discover an issue. If you have any suggestions we should contact us via this feedback page.

That's it?

We'll continue to modify, refine, and enhance Styleneat as we go along until we're sure it won't improve any further. In addition, we're planning to develop it into a complete CSS planner and optimizer. So make sure you save us to your bookmarks and stay tuned!



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