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What are decimal Numbers?

The decimal number is 10 digits long. You may wonder, what does that mean? Let's say you have a phone number that is 999999999. That is a nine-digit number. We know that a 10-digit phone number cannot start with a zero (0). We also know that the maximum number is 999999 since a number cannot start with a one, two, or three. Therefore, a valid 10-digit phone number could only have 9999999999 as its last number.

It’s important to understand what numbers look like. When people hear numbers, they typically think of whole numbers. The only reason we count to 99 is that it’s hard to count higher. Numbers have decimal places. Decimal numbers are simply numbers that contain a place after the decimal. There are several different ways to express numbers with decimal places:

How do I write decimal numbers?

If you are writing about a topic in which there are several decimal points, then it is best to use the word or phrase ‘decimal point’ as opposed to ‘decimal places’ or ‘decimals.’



How to convert text to decimal?

The decimal number system is an excellent way of representing numbers. For example, 3.5 is equal to three plus five, and 2.75 is equal to two plus half plus seven-fifty. It is a wonderful way of representing large and small numbers. But the decimal system doesn't work for whole numbers.

For example, we cannot express 0.01 as one-tenth of a whole number. Therefore, you need a different number system if you want to represent whole numbers. This number system is called the fractional number system. The fractional number system is a simple number system that uses two different symbols, such as, for example, 3/4 is equal to three quarters. So, you see that 3/4 can be interpreted as three quarters. It is a very useful number system because it is easy to use and understand.



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