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It is the Open Document Format is an open standard that was developed by Sun Microsystems under the guidance of OASIS (The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards).

The original OpenDocument format had been XML founded and, as its basis XML.

It has evolved into an archive file similar to Microsoft's DOCX format and makes use of ZIP's compression technology to decrease the overall file size. Documents written by writers take the form in the form of .odt as well as .fodt.

How to convert word to ODT?

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What is an ODT file?


Sun Microsystems created the Open Office twenty years ago. It included the ODT. 

Open-source software can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Office. Open Office is compatible with many Microsoft document formats and it's free. Open Office's word processing component produces ODT files.

Technical details

OpenDocument is a text file format that can be used in proprietary or free software. 

The web-based office suite was developed by the Technical Committee (TC), which is an affiliate of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards sector consortium. ODT files can be created using synchronized multimedia integration language, and scalable vector graphics and all have been tested by the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility initiative standards.




Developer   : Sun Microsystems

MIME type:   application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text  



Name            DOC ODT


Full name       Microsoft Word Binary File Format   OpenDocument Text

File extension .doc     .odt, .fodt

MIME application/msword     application/vnd.-oasis.-opendocument.-text

Developed by Microsoft        OASIS

Type of format          Document file format Document

Introduction    DOC is a filename extension used for word processing documents. It is most often found in the Microsoft Word Binary File Format. Microsoft Word 2007 and newer versions of Microsoft Word have replaced the binary file format with the Office Open XML format. However, Microsoft Word can still create DOC files. OpenDocument (also known as OpenDocument) is an XML-based file format for word processing documents, spreadsheets, charts, and presentations. It was created to provide an open, XML-based file specification for office applications.

Technical details  

Binary DOC files are more compatible than other formats, such as Rich Text Format or Hypertext Markup Language. However, they often have more text formatting information.      OpenDocument's original format consists of an XML file that has its root element. OpenDocument files may also be formatted as a ZIP compressed archive. This can include a number of files and directories. These can contain binary content and can benefit from ZIP's lossless compression which reduces file size.

Associated programs   Microsoft Word, Writer, IBM Lotus Symphony, Apple Pages, AbiWord.        LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, KOffice, Google Docs,

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