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What Is Weight?

Before we talk about weight units and how to convert between them, we need to issue a HUGE DISCLAIMER. The real (technical) definition of weight is very different from what we understand in our everyday life. According to the rules, weight is a force. In particular, the force that Earth exerts on an object. That makes it impossible to measure it in kilograms, pounds, or tons, but only in newtons and equivalent units.

"Weight" is commonly used in everyday conversation but technically it refers to mass. The gravitational force the earth exerts on us is approximately constant. Mass times the gravitational acceleration equals weight. If you want to know what the real units of weight are, they are the same as the force.

Most of them are found in our force converter. You can also play around with the conversion tables and see what they do. When talking about weights, it’s important to keep it simple. We'll use the mass unit and weigh all the same. It's common in Spain to use the “Spanish” way of speaking (i.e., using vos instead of usted).

There are many ways to become more technical and precise. We remind you that a body with a mass of 1kg weighs 9. Now, hereafter, we say that this object weighs 1 kilogram.


Grams 1000
Kg 1
Tons 0.0011023
Ounce 35.2739619
Pounds 2.2046226
stone 0.157473


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