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Free PNG to JPG online converter tool

What is a PNG?

This picture file is a Portable Network Graphic file which is the raster image. The raster file creates graphics by piece. The PNG utilizes lossless compression, which allows large files to shrink down to smaller sizes, without sacrificing resolution. If the PNG is converted back into its initial size,, the resolution stays the same.

What is a JPG?

JPG image file JPG images picture file is a popular file format due to its tiny size. The JPG compression helps to make it an easy size and decreases the quality of the images. It is typically used for uploading or downloading large amounts of images.

Convert PNG to JPG

Formats: PNG and JPG format?

PNG is a highly well-known image format used in the design and Internet to allow transparency. Although JPG can also be a lost and compressible image format, it is generally smaller, which is why often it's required. With Tooliyo, it is possible to change these two widely-used image formats online and for no cost.

Converting PNG into JPG is easy.

Just add the PNG files and click the 'Convert' button. The files will be uploaded through an SSL connection and processed by the server. Within a couple of minutes, you'll be able to take JPG files. JPG files. That's it! You can change PNG to JPG with just a few clicks.

Support Batch conversion (Coming soon)

There is no need to add files one at a time Drag multiple images into the files area, and you'll be able to transform up to 20MB of files simultaneously. If that's not enough to satisfy your needs, an offline version of the desktop provides PNG conversion to JPG conversion under the "Image Converter section. It is free.

Secure Online PNG online to JPG Converter

Your privacy is secure. Tooliyo will not publish or retain any of your data; they will be removed within 30 minutes. You can also remove them immediately following processing.

What is the best way to convert how to change the formatting to change the format from PNG into JPG?

  1. Step 1: Select PNG images. 
  2. Step 2: Click the "Convert" button. This will start the PNG to JPG conversion right away.
  3. Step 3. It will get transferred and uploaded.

PNG vs. JPG Comparison  

JPG and PNG: Which should you choose? If the quality of the image is important, it's more beneficial to store the image in PNG because it is lossless compression, and it can preserve more details than JPG. however, the quality might not matter as much when you need to share photos quickly. In this situation, select JPG This format is well-supported and JPG images are much easier to upload because of the smaller size.


Comparison parameter PNG JPG
File extension .png .jpg, .jpeg, .jif, .jpe, and others
Compression Lossless Lossy
File size Large Small
Transparency support (Alpha channel) Yes No

Frequently Asked Question

Can I convert png into JPG without installing software?

Absolutely! Tooliyo doesn't require installation. You can convert any type of file (including PNG to JPG) online from your desktop device or computer.

Is it safe to convert png files to JPG via Tooliyo?

Sure! We delete all saved and converted files and no one is able to access your data. Any type of conversion you can do that are available on tooliyo (including the conversion of png files to jpg) is 100% secure.

How long should I wait to convert png to jpg?  

  Image conversion typically takes a couple of seconds. The conversion of png will be JPG very quickly.

How can I convert png to jpg?  

The first step is to select the png file you wish to convert, or drag it and drop it. Next, choose the format that you wish to convert your image to. Click convert, and wait until the file is converted.

Privacy policy: We don't record the data!

All calculations and conversions are performed within your browser, by using JavaScript. We do not send a single piece of information about the input data through our server. We don't do any processing on the server-side whatsoever. We use Google Analytics and StatCounter for analysis of site usage. The IP address you provide is stored on our web server, however, it's not linked to any personally identifiable information. Cookies are not used by us and don't keep any of them.


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