JSON Formatter

JSON Formatter

A JSON formatter is a tool or utility designed to beautify or pretty-print JSON data, making it easier to read and understand. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format designed to be easy for humans to read and write, often appearing as a compact, difficult-to-read single line of text when transferred over the web or stored. A formatter takes this compact JSON and reformats it with proper indentation and line breaks.

Features of a JSON Formatter:

  • Indentation: Adds spaces or tabs to nest objects and arrays, reflecting the hierarchical structure of the JSON data.
  • Line Breaks: Places each key-value pair or array element on a new line.
  • Syntax Highlighting (optional): Some formatters also color-code the syntax, distinguishing between keys, values, strings, numbers, and booleans, which further improves readability.
  • Validation: Many JSON formatters also validate the JSON data, highlighting syntax errors or misplaced commas that could cause parsing errors.

How to Use a JSON Formatter:

  1. Input JSON Data: Copy and paste the compact JSON string into the formatter's input area.
  2. Format: Click the format, beautify, or pretty-print button provided by the tool.
  3. Output: The tool displays formatted JSON, which is easier to read and understand. You can then copy this output for use elsewhere.
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