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What is the size of an image file?

Images are made up of several pixels. Each one is a pixel, and each is colored, depicted as a mix of three colors (red, blue, green, and red). Three bytes (24 ones or zeros) are typically utilized to store all of these pixels. Suppose the image is big and has millions of pixels. Keeping all the information associated with an image on a computer or other device will require thousands of bits.

If a cellphone or camera states that it can take 10-megapixel pictures, each photo contains 10 million pixels (a mega is a million). With 10 million pixels, it requires 30 million bits (or thirty megabytes) to save the image (which is a significant amount in space!). 

If you intend to send this image (or several pictures) to a friend via email, you will need the ability to send 30 megabytes worth of data. It can take some time to upload the image, and it will take a long time to let the receiver download it.

How can I decrease image size?

Another option is to compress the image. This reduces the size of the file without the need to resize it. The image quality will decrease as compression increases, and you lose information.

Another option is to resize your photo, which will reduce the number of pixels needed to save the image. The reduction in the size of the picture doesn't affect quality, though it could lose small specifics.

Modern cellphones and cameras typically have more than 6 million pixels. However, most tablets, cellphone screens, notebooks, or TVs are only 1.5 million pixels. This means you will see smaller versions of the photo (you can only print the entire image when printing it).

 Therefore, if you shrink your image and reduce the width and height by about half, the image will be about the same amount of pixels as the screens that show it, and you won't lose any quality or details even when viewing the portrait in full-screen mode.

If you own a massive image, we suggest resizing the image to approximately 1800 by 1100 pixels using JPG size and 90 percent quality. This will result in a high-quality, flexible image that you can share with anyone without taking a lot of time.




All image resize units are supported!

We can support any size (cm or mm and pixels)


Live-streamed preview of images

View the live display of the various changes (rotate and crop, or fix ratio) you've done to your image before downloading.


Multiple image formats are supported.

We currently support the following types of images: JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. We will add additional formats in the future.


All platforms are supported!

The tool works with any browser on the internet. Therefore, you can access it on your computer, android tablets, iPhone, or even computers.


We ensure your images are secure!

We do not collect any information from you and will erase your image 30 minutes after uploading.


Sharing of configurations

On the download page, you can upload your settings. If you or a friend downloads from that page, your resizing images are also shared.


Resize Image is an online program that lets users apply compression and reduction in size on the internet to every image and save the resultant images in various image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP.


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