Find Facebook ID

Find Facebook ID

Find Facebook ID in two simple steps

  • Log into Your Facebook Profile, then click your name on the upper left corner of the Facebook homepage. -
  • Input your Facebook profile's URL in the box to the right of this page.
  • This is your Facebook unique ID.

Step 1 

find facebook ID

Step 2

find facebook ID


What's my Facebook profile URL?

Your Facebook Profile URL will be the URL you see when you click your name on the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. It will appear something like:



Your profile isn't going to look like these types of examples

  • Hostroy

How do I find Facebook Profile ID using the mobile?

It's easy, just click this link and it will redirect you in to your Facebook profile then copy and paste the URL you got from your mobile Browser and paste it into our Facebook ID Finder.

What is Facebook's Numeric ID?

Most Facebook users replace their default Numeric ID with a Username, to make it easy to let others visit their Profile/Page/Group, just like this: For example; Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Profile URL is:, as you can see Tooliyos, is Facebook Username but Tooliyos Facebook Numeric ID is 4. If you visit this page, you'll be directed to Mark's profile:

The Reasons Why You Should need a Facebook ID?

We've said that FB ID is the only way to can identify you within Facebook's Facebook system. If you're creating an app that reads or changes Facebook data about a person then you'll need to inform your app the user you're talking to. Facebook does not recognize the calls made by your app if you provide a unique user name. Facebook API will ask that you provide a Facebook ID.

What is the cost of The Facebook ID Finder?

It's absolutely free and will remain absolutely free!

Can we help you save search results?

No. We only use them to verify your Facebook account, however, we don't keep them!

How do I Find Facebook Account ID?

You can find your Facebook Profile ID using the following steps:

  • Log into your Facebook profile
  • Copy the Facebook profile URL
  • Paste it over
  • You will receive your Profile ID!

How to Locate the Facebook Page ID?

It's extremely useful for Page Admins or Social Media Managers to have their Facebook page ID. here's how to obtain it:

  • Visit your Facebook Page on Facebook.
  • Copy the Facebook page URL
  • Copy it and paste it above
  • Click on the "Get Identification" button
  • You will receive your Page ID!

How do I find Facebook Group ID?

A majority of Facebook groups use a Username. However, when the Group Admins have to locate the ID of their Group, however, they aren't able to. Here's how you can find the Facebook Group ID:

  • Log into your Facebook Group
  • Copier this URL to the Facebook Group URL
  • Copy it to the top
  • Click on the "Get Identification" button


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