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About Excel to PDF

Data can be robust. However, it can't be a striking force just by itself. The data needs to be processed and presented in a particular manner. This is where software such as Microsoft Excel comes into play. Since its inception, Excel has helped business users unlock their data's full potential by creating graphs, tables, and charts.

Unfortunately, viruses can sometimes be attached to macros, mini-programs written into an Excel spreadsheet. However, there's an option to make your spreadsheets more understandable and readable by converting them into PDFs!

Tooliyo's  Excel to PDF converts Excel spreadsheets to PDF. It extracts information from Excel spreadsheets and transforms them into neat and polished PDF documents!

Convert Excel to PDF & Worksheet to PDF File using conversion settings of Excel to PDF Converter:

  • 1. You can convert Excel Workbook to PDF file and Worksheet to PDF file.
  • 2. You can set output path, page layout, page orientation, background color, print resolution, and more when you converting Excel to a PDF file.
  • 3. You can save Excel files as PDF files.
  • 4. The Excel to PDF & Worksheet to PDF converter is easy to use, and you can easily use them on Windows, MAC & Linux systems.
  • 5. The Excel to PDF & Worksheet to PDF converter supports password protection and encrypting of Excel to PDF & Worksheet to PDF converter.
  • 6. The Excel to PDF & Worksheet to PDF converter can convert files of different formats like text, image, video, sound, archive, and PDF.
  • 7. The Excel to PDF & Worksheet to PDF converter converts data from Excel, which means you can add some data into Excel and convert it to PDF and Worksheet to PDF format without data loss.
  • 8. You can set the output folder for each conversion.
  • 9. You can set the number of pages in the final PDF file and adjust the page's position and the printing resolution.

How to convert Excel to PDF online?

To convert Excel to PDF, follow these steps:

  • 1. Click Choose Excel File, or drag and drop a file into the drop zone.
  • 2. Click on convert.
  • 3. The tool will convert your excel to PDF in a few seconds.
  • 4. Wait for the converter to finish the conversion.
  • 5. Your Excel document is now converted to a PDF File.
  • 6. You can download the PDF file.

Safe conversion

Even if you've got documents containing sensitive information and want to convert the Excel document into PDF format, PDF Candy is an online service that you can count on. The content of the file is secured and protected 100.

 Without watermark

Use our web-based XLS into a PDF convertor to quickly transform your Excel spreadsheets without adding watermarks to the file. No file distortions are not needed. All data remains intact.

Why Tooliyo Excel to PDF Converter? is better than others?

  • You can convert Excel to PDF for free
  • No need to Register
  • Superfast Server
  • Trusted by 3 million Users
  • We use 'Latest Web Technologies

What is an XLSX file?

XLSX files are built by the Microsoft 2007 Office suite, specifically by the program known as Microsoft Excel, which is spreadsheet software recognized worldwide. Excel is highly efficient software; Excel can format and create graphs and spreadsheets and also process complex mathematical queries in addition to. Multiple spreadsheets that incorporate different data sources, formulas, and even various workbooks can be made using this program. The resultant files can be saved as XML format files using its XLSX extension.

The enhancement of managing data and file files and data recovery is just one of the benefits of the XLSX extension to files. This XML format for files extends what was possible with the older XLS files and other binary files that can be created using older versions of Microsoft Excel. Any XML-supported application cannot just access but also manipulate the data contained in those files. 

Additionally, because XML data is stored in plain text, the security issues when transmitting these files over Internet have significantly diminished. The firewalls of corporate networks do not create any obstacle to XLSX files now.

Here's a short but not comprehensive list of applications that play XLSX documents:

  • Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Open Office
  • Oxygen Office Professional (Linux)

What is PDF?

PDF (Portable Document Format) can be described as an electronic format for documents developed by Adobe Systems using some language that includes PostScript. Adobe Reader is the official software for viewing documents using this format is Adobe Reader. Most of the time, PDF files are an amalgamation of text and vector and raster graphics, scripts, text forms written in JavaScript, and various other objects.
Here are more details
  • Developed By: Adobe Inc
  • Released in: 1993
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