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What is a QR Code

QR Codes (also known as Quick Respond Codes) are increasing in popularity. The two-dimensional codes comprised of square dots can be utilized in a variety of sectors of the world. They are found on banners, and ads as well as on all kinds of boxes for products web pages, business cards, and even in signatures for emails.

QR Codes could contain text, hyperlinks (to video, websites, or files) emails telephone numbers, vcards that automatically update your contact information on your computer or cellphone, and many more.

Can I modify the QR Code?

The ability to edit a QR Code gives you a constant level of control. In the event that you have to change the encoded web address, or if you make mistakes when typing it, you are able to edit it without needing to create a brand new and new QR Code. This is a great and vital feature when you have to print your QR Code onto marketing materials.

Editable QR Codes

You need to sign up for a Live or Business plan to allow QR Codes that are editable. With our platform, you are able to modify the information encoded in the QR Code any time you would like, but without altering its appearance. Be aware that QR Codes are only able to redirect users to a website or to a business card.

If you've created the QR Code for free or using a Basic Plan account, it's an uneditable static QR Code. The QR Codes do not belong to our platform any longer.

Be careful! An unchanging QR code is not able to be converted to a dynamic QR Code.

Recognizing a QR code is discovering the value, number, or text that is hidden behind it. There are many methods to decode QR codes used by smartphone cameras which allow you to read a QR Code when making online transactions. If you're trying to know how to decode a QR code this article is perfect for you. In the article, I'll guide you through a course on how you can decode the QR code with Python.

Learn to decode QR Codes by using Python

To decode a QR code you will require an image of the QR code. You can choose the image of any QR code image to use in this tutorial, or design your own QR code.

To encode QR codes with Python it is necessary to download two Python libraries within your Python environment: pyzbar and pillow. Install both of these libraries by running the following commands in your terminal or command prompt:

  1. pip install Python
  2. Pip Install Pillow

Here's how you can create programs to decode QR codes with Python:


From pyzbar.pyzbar import decode


PIL import Image from PIL import Image


decocdeQR = decode('instagram.png'))




The above code, it's a QR Code that redirects users to my Instagram page. This program also displays the URL of my Instagram account as output.


So here's what you need to know about decoding QR codes with Python, the Python programming language. The process of decoding QR codes involves discovering the value, number or text that is behind each QR code. I hope that you have enjoyed this article about decoding QR codes with Python. You are welcome to ask questions in the comment section below.


FAQs about QR code Decoder

QR code is a short form for Quick response Code and is a barcode type that was created in 1994 by Denso Wave 1994. Find out more about QR codes on Wikipedia.

Yes, the QR codes generated by this generator for QR codes are completely free and are able to be used for anything you like.

They are not expiring and can be used for a lifetime! QR Codes generated by QRCode Tooliyo are permanent and don't stop working after a set period of duration. It is not possible to edit the content of QR Codes and then use them again., though the transition does limit overflow.

No limit exists to the number of times the generated QR code is a permanent one. You can scan it as multiple times as often as you like!

We do not save or reuse your data in any form. We cache your qr code image files for 24h on our server to optimize the performance of QRCode., though the transition does limit overflow.

There are a few QR code scanners that use the standard of vCard standard which causes confusing contact fields. Please try a different QR code scanner to get better results.

There are a variety of reasons the QR code isn't working properly. First, check the data you entered. Sometimes, there are small errors in your URL that break the QR code. Certain QR codes (like the vCard) have lots of information. Try to reduce the information that you have entered into your QR code as much as you can.This could allow QR code scanners to scan your code. Try to eliminate the logo on the QR code and see whether this has any effect. Also, ensure that you have enough brightness between your background and the foreground in the QR code. The foreground should appear darker in comparison to the background. Here's an article on reasons why your QR codes aren't working.


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