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What is Base 64?

This online base64 image-maker allows you to upload an image quickly and convert it into a base64 string. You can upload the image in jpeg or gif formats.

Base64 is an encryption algorithm that converts any character into an alphabet. It consists of Latin letters plus digits plus slash. This algorithm can convert any character, including Chinese characters, images, and emojis into a "readable" string.

Base64, in computer science, is a collection of binary-to-text encoding schemes that encode binary data using ASCII strings. This binary data is then translated into a radix-64 representation. Base64 is derived from a particular MIME content transfer encoder. Each Base64 digit is exactly 6 bits in size. Four 6-bit Base64 numbers can represent three 8-bit bytes (i.e. a total of 24 bytes).

Base64, which is common to all binary-to-text encoding schemes and can be used to transport data in binary formats across channels that support text content only. Base64 is especially popular on the World Wide Web, where it can be used to embed image files and other binary assets within textual assets like HTML and CSS files. (Wikipedia)

Initially, the algorithm was called "printable encoding". RFC 1341 only defined it as "Base64" in June 1992. The 64 characters are the 64 place values of the base. This varies among implementations.

Base64's history began when engineers debated how many bits should be contained in each byte. There were three-bit bytes, six-bit, and seven-bit bytes in use decades ago. Many systems didn't support the new standard when the eight-bit byte was approved. Some problems occurred. One example is that a mail server might discard the eighth bit while sending emails. Another example is that they could send text only, but no images or videos. This problem was solved by Base64, a new algorithm.

Base64 is used most often to encode binary data, such as images or sound files, for embedding in HTML, CSS, and EML. Base64 can also be used to encode data that might be unsupported, damaged, transferred, stored, or output. These are just a few of the many uses of the algorithm.

How to convert Image to base64

  1. Go to google and type tooliyo
  2. Now select this link
  3. Choose your file PNG, JPG, JPEG,webP
  4. Wait for a few seconds your base64 codes will be available to copy and use.

Video Guide How to convert image to base 64



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