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Compress Images PNG/JPG Files up to 80%

Tooliyo Image Compressor is an online application that reduces the size of images. It can compress images:

  • Utilizing default settings - choose the image you want to compress and then click the "compress image" button.
    The default setting finds the sweet spot between the size of the image file and image resolution.
  • Or specify options such as the width of an image and the height.
    If you specify only one number (width or height), the other value will be calculated using the aspect ratio of your image.

Compress image online video guide.

Tooliyo Image Compressor helps you too.

  • reduce your photos/pictures/images file size,
  • Reduce the size of your assets,
  • conserve disk space on your computer or the cell phone (Android, iPhone),
  • Reduce your documents (e.g., pdf documents, word documents, scans of documents, etc. ),
  • Your blog or site will be smaller, which means you will pay less for hosting,
  • lower your bandwidth usage,
  • Upload your images faster.

Frequently asked questions

What does this tool do?

Compress PNG/JPG is an internet-based free tool designed to assist you in compressing the image (jpeg or PNG). There are some options to decrease the size of images, but the majority of the time, it could also affect the quality. Our tool allows you to preserve the quality of the image but reduce the size.

Why do I need it?

Suppose you add high-quality images to your site to enhance its appearance and improve users' experience. The volume of data that needs to be downloaded to display a website page grows substantially. This causes your website to load slow - which can be detrimental for those who visit your site. It can negatively impact your website's rank on Google or other engines. Compress PNG/JPG gives you the most efficient of both worlds: it lets you show stunning high-quality images on your site without reducing the time required to display your website's page.

What happens if I don't have online access?

Even if your photos aren't designed to be used on a site, however, there are reasons to decrease the size of your images. If you choose to use smaller files, you'll be able to put more photos on your smartphone or drive without adding memory. It's also much more convenient and speedier to share your pictures with relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Excellent Quality

We use compression in a way that allows us to preserve image quality, while drastically reducing the size.

Best Compression

Make your images compressible by up to 80percent or more, using lossy compression or other optimizations.

Simple to use

Upload your photos and select "Compress". Even huge images can be compressed in a matter of minutes.

Image Formats

Our image compressor is able to reduce JPEG as well as PNG images. It can compress up to 20 images at once.

Privacy Guaranteed

We are concerned about the privacy of files. Images are uploaded using an encrypted secure 256-bit SSL connection and then deleted within six hours.

It's free!

Since 2015, we've made millions of images compressed for no cost! No software installation, registrations, or watermarks.

Compress image to 100kb


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