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Base64 Encode is simply to make a tool that encodes plain data using its Base64 numerals system. Copy, Paste and Encode.

What is Base64 Encode? Base64 Encode?

  • Base64 Encode is a unique tool for converting plain text into Base64 encoded data.
  • This tool will save you time and allows you to encode the base64 data.
  • This tool lets you load the Plain data URL that converts plain data into the text in base64. Hit the URL link, type in the URL, and submit.
  • Users can also convert plain data files to encoded text using base64 through uploading the files.
  • Base64 Encoder Online works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

What is Base64?

Base64 refers to the number system used in base 64 that utilizes 64 digits set. It can be represented with six bits.

To learn more about Base64, please visit the Base64 Wikipedia page.

Why do I need Base64 encoding?

Base64 is an encryption scheme that allows binary data to be represented using the ASCII format. This is very useful when binary data must be transferred via media that are typically made to handle textual data. For instance, sending images as an XML file, or as mail attachments.


Plain Text



Output: Base64 Encoded Text


Base64 index table:
Value Char   Value Char   Value Char   Value Char
0 A 16 Q 32 g 48 w
1 B 17 R 33 h 49 x
2 C 18 S 34 i 50 y
3 D 19 T 35 j 51 z
4 E 20 U 36 k 52 0
5 F 21 V 37 l 53 1
6 G 22 W 38 m 54 2
7 H 23 X 39 n 55 3
8 I 24 Y 40 o 56 4
9 J 25 Z 41 p 57 5
10 K 26 a 42 q 58 6
11 L 27 b 43 r 59 7
12 M 28 c 44 s 60 8
13 N 29 d 45 t 61 9
14 O 30 e 46 u 62 +
15 P 31 f 47 v 63 /

Source: Base64 on Wikipedia


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